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Genius Capital has on-hand extensive experience spanning for years in the general investment area to help our clients to grow in the capital, financial strength, and diversification.

We approach markets of dozens of countries, focusing on reliable and as high-margin investments as selected weighed risk approach allows. To deliver sustainability over the long term with the highest possible return on investment rate, we focus on such key investment areas (which are known to have a great return and steady growth over a long time): petrol, grocery, media, ore and mining, agriculture, financial sector, transportation, telecommunications, energy, metals, and recyclable manufacturing.


We have always said that our two biggest resources are knowledge about global financial and stock markets and the people, who are able to implement our goals using the given knowledge. Today, we’re highlighting 4 main reasons why our clients strive to work with us:

Weighed risk approach

We do focus on being profitable at all times and circumstances. However, the right risk approach matters the most in the modern world of pandemics, crises, and increased market fluctuations. To avoid or minimize all types of relevant risks (capital, currency, and liquidity), our team of capital managers has elaborated and ever since keeps adjusting risk management strategy aimed at preserving and growing the capital of our customers. To make sure to share fully all ups and downs every single minute of work, Genius Capital’s administration and managers also operate with their own money and capital. This provides the best involvement and real care of the wealth of our portfolio and clientele.

Hiring only the alpha managers

These professionals are able to bring profits to the portfolio of investments held and operated by Genius Capital even on the non-progressing markets (which rates of growth are near to zero). Thanks to our impressive investment portfolio, we guarantee one of the lowest on market remunerations for our skilled management team. There are also other types of investment management for no cost for our customers. Contact us now to find out more.

A cleverly combined approach of active and passive management

With all factors, goals, and risks in mind, we focus on the best productivity over the long term, whilst preserving the ability to reach short-term goals for our clients. Combining investments in low-risk low-income securities of governments, their bodies, and large corporations with investments in startups and companies developing at a high pace and on emerging markets, we reach the optimal liquidity of our portfolio for all periods of time.

Managing the optimal-risk highly diversified portfolio of investments

Genius Capital focuses on tradable financial assets, which are mostly securities such as debt securities (debentures, bonds, banknotes), derivatives (swaps, options, futures, and forwards), and equity securities (like common stocks).

How we cover the needs of our clients

Choosing an investment company might be one of the most serious decisions in your life. These are the reasons why you should choose working with us:

We constantly monitor the best offers of listed and unlisted companies and other direct possibilities to improve the return on investment ratio

Our hand is on the pulse of domestic and international markets day by day

Our managed portfolio steadily grows over the years, which makes us proudly say we’re chosen by the best and wealthiest clients

Preserving and growing your investment capital is our most sought-for goal


To begin cooperation with Genius Capital and start a better investment strategy with us, contact us:

42 Michal Havel str., Prague 1100

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